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Advanced and modern solutions dedicated to LIGNOLOC® wood nails.

Innovative and sustainable solutions to improve the quality of your work.


LIGNOLOC® wooden nails

LIGNOLOC®'s revolutionary wooden nails are:

  • Ecologically sustainable
  • No wood glue needed
  • Quick nail installation
  • Produced with beech wood
  • Resistant to wood fungus
  • Patented by Beck fastening
  • Resistant to decomposition (thanks to the resin infusion)


Dedicated design to LIGNOLOC®'s wooden nails, high power, no pre-drilling is required, lignin welding process due to the high nailing speed.

Nails diameter:i
Working pressure bar
Weight :
Magazine capacity

: 4.7 e 5.3mm
: 387 (H) x 142 (W) x 369 (L)
: 7 - 8 bar
: 3.95 kg
: 100
: 65-75-90 mm


Dedicated design to LIGNOLOC® wooden nails, lignin welding process due to the high nailing speed, recessed depth adjustment without the use of tools.

Weight :
Nails diameteri
Working pressure bar
Magazine capacity
Length :

: 2.40 kg
: 3.7mm
: 322 (H) x 130 (W) x 275 (L)
: 7 - 8 bar
: 170
: 38-50-55-60 mm

Discover benefits the wooden nails LIGNOLOC®

One system, many application benefits

No pre-drilling - Quick application

LIGNOLOC®'s wooden nails are pneumatically fired, you don't need to pre-drill the surfaces to be nailed. This means significant savings in time and money.


Cross-laminated timber systems and solid wood walls - Wooden construction and solid wood applications - Decorative interior wooden panels.


Uniformity of the materials

LIGNOLOC® nails maintain the uniformity of the the material´s color and avoid the corrosive marks typical of non-wood nails.

Practical usages

Wooden furniture, construction of saunas, reclaimed wood processing- Flooring: OSB- and real wooden boards- Shipbuilding, wooden coffins- Pre-fixing for glued wooden components.

Here is a practical demonstration of its use

Certified solution with high sealing capacity

On 28 August 2020, the German Institute for Construction Technology (DIBt) issued the "National Technical Approval/General Technical Approval of construction" for "Load-bearing wooden connections with LIGNOLOC® wood nails."

After extensive tests and complex calculation models, all of the expectations of the committee of experts were met. With the granting of the approval "General Construction Technique for LIGNOLOC® wooden nails", the possible utilizations in wood constructions will be further expanded in the near future.

The approval enables the planning, design, and execution of load-bearing connections in the construction of wooden structures.

LIGNOLOC® wooden nails can be used to fasten boards and solid wood panels, wood materials, or gypsum fiber. In addition, connections can be made with LIGNOLOC® for the production of reinforcing panels AND load-bearing walls

The special design of LIGNOLOC® wood nails combined with the considerable amount of heat generated by the friction of the nail with the surface allows the creation of a bond between the wooden nails and the surrounding wood layers, thanks to the lignin.

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