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Staples and Brads

Due to ur constant focus on providing special solutions for particular requirements we are committed to the continuous search for specific and targeted products. For special staples, stock staples made of special materials such as: brass, aluminum, bronzed and even galvanized staples. They are also available with wire in any color desired. Particularly for the nautical sector, non-magnetic 316 alloys brads and staples specifically made for boats are available.

Staples 55 Series

Staples Heavy divergent

Staples 16nc series

Staple wires and special staples

Staples 80 series

Stcr Hammer staples

Roll of staples for cardboard boxes

35 staples series for the closure of cardboard boxes

Brads and staple wires

Staples for packaging and carpentry

Staples for tapestry and carpentry

Graffe per chiusura scatole cartone

Preventivi personalizzati senza impegno

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