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Puntimet screws

Since 1983 we have specialized in fastening systems.
In our range we also find fasteners ranging from general carpentry and construction to the most innovative fastening systems for solar panels.

Electro-welded screws for nailers

Taped screws for screwdriver

Galvanized yellow flat head torx screws

Galvanized flat head Torx screws with trivalent chrome

Round head torx screws, galvanized yellow

Galvanized round head Torx screws with trivalent chrome

Yellow galvanized crosshead chipboard screws all and half thread

Drywall screw, self-drilling tip and fine thread, phosphated black

Yellow galvanized Torx chipboard screws all and half threads

Torx stainless steel A2 half thread chipboard screws

All-thread galvanized crosshead chipboard screws

Torx galvanized yellow half-threaded Torx chipboard screws

Black phosphated drywall screws, fine threading

Black phosphated fine thread drywall screws

Black phosphated drywall screws coarse thread

Black phosphated coarse thread drywall screw

Drywall screw, flanged head, black phosphated, coarse thread

Plasterboard screw with flanged head and double thread, phosphated black

Hexagonal head wood pullers, white zinc plated
DIN 571


White galvanized window torx screws

Terrace screws 4x30, stainless steel AISI-410

Roof screws colored head (available in various colors from the ral table)

Roofing screws with EPDM thickness

Carpentry Wood Screws TX, pan head

TX carpentry wood screws, wide head

Hooking systems
photovoltaic panels

Nuts hexagonal

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