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Pallet Repair Blades

Our pallet blades are perfect for repairing and maintaining your pallets. We supply all the material necessary for the repair and functional restoration of your pallets. The proposed blades have been designed for safe and fast cutting of both wood and nails.


  • The pallet repair blade was developed in close cooperation with the pallet repair shops
  • Practically unbreakable Sandflex® bi-metal blade for all materials and types of cut
  • Teeth in HSS with 8% cobalt
  • This toothing has a good removal of the material in the case of wood with nails and a high one
    breaking strength of the teeth
  • 0.9mm to 1.3mm thick
  • 10/14 TPI has proven to be the most popular gear among users in pallet repair shops

- By increasing the radius of the stem, we have improved the resistance to strain - The unique design of the front prevents the front of the blade from getting stuck in the wooden beams when cutting nails in the damaged parts of the pallets - 228 mm in length - Packing quantities are 10 or 100 pieces in plastic tubes - Designed for use at pallet repair shops - Special design tip that prevents the blade from getting stuck

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