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Wood Nails With Head

The wooden nail with head was developed for façade construction.
It has a blunt anti-splitting tip and is suitable for most common softwood facades and a variety of other applications, both indoors and outdoors, such as privacy screens, summer houses, garden gazebos, partitions, etc.


Dedicated design for LIGNOLOC® wood nails, high power, no pre-drilling required, lignin welding process due to high nailing speed.

Nail diameter
Operating pressure bar
Loading capacity

: 4.7 e 5.3mm
: 387 (H) x 142 (W) x 369 (L)
: 7 - 8 bar
: 3.95 kg
: 100
: 65-75-90 mm

Discover the advantages of LIGNOLOC® wood nails

One system, many application benefits


LIGNOLOC® is the first pneumatically nailed wooden nail for future-oriented use in industrial production and ecological wood construction (among many other applications).


Their mechanical properties
mechanical properties allow the nails to be driven into solid structural timber and wood materials with the
FASCO® LIGNOLOC® pneumatic nailer, without pre-drilling, achieving a permanent fixing.


Uniformity of the materials

LIGNOLOC® nails maintain the colour uniformity of the material and avoid the corrosion marks typical of non-wood nails.


Softwood facades
Privacy screens
Summer houses
Garden gazebos
Room dividers

Here is a practical demonstration of use

Certified solution with high sealing capacity

On 28 August 2020, the German Institute for Construction Technology (DIBt) issued the 'National Technical Approval/General Technical Construction Approval' for 'LIGNOLOC® load-bearing timber stud connections'.

After extensive tests and complex calculation models, all the expectations of the expert committee were fulfilled. With the granting of the general technical construction approval for LIGNOLOC® wood nails, the possible uses in timber construction will be further expanded in the future.

The approval enables the planning, design and execution of load-bearing connections in the construction of timber structures.

LIGNOLOC® wood nails can be used to fasten solid wood, wood-based materials or gypsum fibre boards and panels. In addition, connections can be made with LIGNOLOC® for the production of reinforcement panels and load-bearing walls.

The special design of LIGNOLOC® wooden nails combined with the considerable amount of heat generated by the friction of the nail with the surface allows the creation of a bond between the wooden nail and the surrounding wood layers, thanks to the lignin.

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