Fasco F46A 45-315 fence specific for palisades

The F46A FENCE 45-315 stapler, is characterized by a good balance, a low weight (3.35kg). The power supply is compressed air. It has a magazine on the machine of 75 rounds.
It has an excellent balance and a high power which allows this machine to be fixed even on hard woods.

In addition, the rubber handle is specifically designed to be comfortable even for prolonged use and offers a secure non-slip grip, also reducing vibrations and therefore fatigue.

The depth of the shot can be adjusted according to the specific fixing needs

The applications of use of this stapler are:
  • Fences, strip fences and palisades also electrified with single wire
  • Lightweight fabric fences for horticulture and nurseries
  • Plastic barriers and nets
  • Application of galvanized and polythene guide wire for vineyards
  • Wires of various kinds such as barbed wire, metal nets
  • Snow control fences
  • Lightweight mesh fences
  • Pet or poultry enclosures
  • Application of coaxial and fiber optic network cables.

graffatrice fence pneumatica

Staplers for fences and palisades