Fasco F-70G Battery-powered fence specific for palisades

The F-70G Fence 45-135 stapler, is characterized by a good balance, a low weight (3.74kg). The power supply is a battery for a capacity of about 1000 shots / shots per hour. The speed is about 2/3 strokes per second. Loading times are approximately 2 hours. Indicatively it is capable of firing about 5200 rounds. It can be used from -7 degrees to +49 degrees celsius.
Thanks to the patented “Diamond coating” system and the diverging points, they offer excellent sealing capacity compared to manual installation.

The applications of use of this stapler are:

  • Fences, strip fences and palisades also electrified with single wire
  • Snow control fences
  • Lightweight mesh fences
  • Pet or poultry enclosures
  • Application of coaxial and fiber optic network cables.

Good balance, low weight, Tool-free drive depth adjustment, Special nose for fence application

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Staplers for fences and palisades