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Nailer for electro-welded screws

This special nailer was designed to be able to shoot coiled, electro-welded or plastic-taped screws directly into the wood.
The screws can also be made of stainless steel on request, always from 45mm up to 90mm.
Once the screws have been fired, they can be unscrewed and screwed back several times inside the same hole, so you have the possibility to go and easily open the package once it reaches its destination.
The machine is equipped with some very important adjustments to be used during the execution of the work: the single shot or hammer blow and the depth adjustment that allows us to decide how much to recess the screw into the wood.

Nailer for electro-welded screws

Nailer for electro-welded screws with a diameter of 4 mm and a length of 40-70 mm

Weight : 3,95 kg
Dimensions : 387 (H) x 142 (W) x 369 (L)
Working pressure bar : 5-8 kg/cm2
Magazine capacity : 200 - 300 torx; screws and nails
Length : 45-90 mm
Series : 4.0
Shot: single shot and hammer
Depth adjustment: yes

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